Steps on time

Each step we take leads us to reach our goals, if we see it this way time is our best friend. This collection is about where we want to go ... because the world is on our feet.


This picture is about the

crossing lines at the biggest Avenue in the world, 9th of July Av., Buenos Aires, Argentina

Size: 42 3/4 " x 25 5/8 "           Serie: 3 Copies  

Size: 19" x 11 1/4 "                 Serie: 5 Copies


This is a tribute to my Master Carlos Cruz-Diez, and at the same time it expresses the hope that Venezuela is a country that we can rebuild.

Size: 15 " x 8 " x 2 1/2"         Serie: 150 Copies 

Walking on the beach

Your footsteps remain in the sand until the wind or the sea erases them, only the memories remain.

Los Roques, Venezuela.

Size: 19 " x 12 1/2"         Serie: 5 Copies 

Going on

Wherever we are walking we are leaving our energy in the environment.

Florida Street, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Size: 19 " x 12 1/2"         Serie: 5 Copies 

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