Born on August 2, 1979, Miami, Florida.
At two years old Daniel moved with his family to Caracas, Venezuela, where he grew up and got dazzled by the beauty of this country.

In 1994, he became absorbed with photography and began generating his artistic talent through different aspects of expression, such as documentary, sport, fashion, lifestyle, and many others.
After 19 years of experience in various projects and areas, he discovered the magic effect of the 3D dimensional intervention of photography on the feelings of viewers. The composition, lines, small details, colors, lights and shadows. How could it influence our senses and change the perception of an image? Based on all knowledge and skills, Daniel started to develop his own technique of art, producing the pieces of kinetic
sculptures, the static masterpieces of transporting photography.
Daniel is currently based in Miami, Florida. But it doesn’t stop him to be always on the road, following his inspiration.

The doors to his workshop are open to everyone. Daniel’s mission is to make people all over the world be
inspired the same way and encourage others to break the limits and see
the reality deeper.

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