“Four seasons” represents the cycle of the time of life accompanied by the present moment. If anything we know is that each seasons pass, as the world continues to spin the stations will come and go, we can be sure of that and it does not depend on us. What does depend on us is how we see the present and live it with total intensity.

The three-dimensional intervention of this series creates a movement of something as static as photography, reliving the moment not only with the image but also with the sensation of movement that the viewer lives when he admires this collection. In this way I invite you to appreciate the moment knowing that the next station will always arrive.


In winter of 2016 Daniel shot this picture at Ural Mountains, Russia.


Big: 98"  x  27  7/8"                      Serie: 3 Copies

Small: 52 1/2"  x 15"                     Serie: 5 Copies


In spring of 2017 Daniel shot this picture at Valleys of North California, USA.

Big: 64"  x  40  3/8"                      Serie: 3 Copies

Small: 34"  x 21  1/4"                    Serie: 5 Copies


In summer of 2017 Daniel shot this picture at Siergao Island, Philippines.

Big: 94  1/2"  x  28  7/8"                      Serie: 3 Copies

Small: 47  1/2"  x  15  1/8"                   Serie: 5 Copies


In autumn of 2015 Daniel shot this picture at Lake Lure in North Carolina, USA.

Big: 75  x  33  3/4"                      Serie: 3 Copies

Small: 37  1/2"  x  16  7/8"           Serie: 5 Copies

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